Sunday, September 30, 2012


Why do we wait? The question all of us in Emergency management think about. Your turn; what can we do to get you to prepare Before disaster strikes?  Tell me what you want to know? What guidance do you need?


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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do you have an evacuation plan? Written Down

About two years ago I wrote an emergency plan for the residents of the building we live in; I wanted to make sure they had something to start from since in a big disaster I will be busy.  After reading this article, I think I need to see if anyone has moved forward.
 Evacuation Plan

Have you written a simple evacuation plan for your family?  Of course you will be there to lead the evacuation you have in your mind, but what if you aren't home?Things to think about?
  • When to evacuate? And When not to?
  • Where should you go? What if its raining? Or snowing?
  • What to take? Do you have a go bag by the door?
  • Contact list? - Someone to take you in? Hotel? Insurance agent? Other Family?
Don't get bogged down, look out your front & backdoor. Pick a place to meet that is close, but out of danger from the hazard (Fire, flood)
Try not to cross busy roads.
Don't make it immediately in front, you'll be in the Fire Departments way.

Do this today. One page should do it.
PS: if you are in a condo or duplex or Apartment, share with neighbors