Sunday, August 28, 2016

Guest blog post

One of the things I prepare for and hope not ot use when I Deploy for ShelterBox is first aid skills.  Below is a link to a very good succinct First aid primer.  It doesn't replace taking a good back country first aid class (in fact it makes that point).  
So whether you go to disasters, spend time in the  back country or just around town, having some first aid skills (and kit) is a must.

Wilderness First Aid - Be Prepared Before Venturing to the Backcountry

Disaster Dave

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Reflections on Cascadia Rising

Well its almost the 4th of July, kids are out of school, everyone is enjoying upcoming vacations and here Cascadia Rising is over.  All of the articles written about what it really meant for a Cascadia event have been forgotten.  Like this one The Most Devastating Quake In US History Is Headed for Portland   And who could forget this scary article. The Really Big One  

But with the event for those of us who "played" in it, it was apparent that we (individuals, neighborhoods, cities) will be on our own for a bit of time.  So lets not forget the fact that we do live in a seismic area and we do need to take some responsibility for protecting our family and ourselves.  A couple of my previous articles might jump start you or get you to finish up the planning you started.



Enjoy the 4th of July 

Disaster Dave