Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vacation Preparedness

Something I have written about before is preparedness for vacation, but in the light of the Tunisia attack we need to plan for an egress in case of danger.   Its not the first thing you think about on vacation, but in light of how things seem to be going its not a bad way to think, not dwell on or stay home, but to consider.

One of my friends & classmates from the Emergency Management Academy is an Emergency Manager named  Greg Santa Maria who recently posted on his Facebook about something he teaches called "the Greg Minute".  

In his own words Greg writes "When I teach Active Shooter classes, I encourage the attendees to practice the "Greg Minute". I ask them to set a random alarm on their phone that's during waking hours. Every day when the alarm goes off, wherever they are, they should spend 30 seconds considering their escape route should a shooter begin firing a weapon. The second 30 seconds is spent considering an alternate escape because the first is not viable.
I get so many positive responses from that one small, but priceless piece of advice. It takes a minute a day to save your life."

I think this piece of advice could provide you with peace of mind in unfamiliar areas, but I am willing to compromise with you if you may not want an alarm going off everyday of your vacation. You should take some time to look at your surroundings when you arrive someplace new and think "what would I do if..."

Lets be safe out there and enjoy our vacation