Sunday, October 14, 2012

Falling into Fall

Well if you live in the Northwest like I do, we have fallen into fall, Monday was sunny and 70, by Weds it was grey and raining.  Don't get me wrong, I like the rain in the Northwest; but falling into fall is followed by slipping through winter.  So lets take a couple of minutes this Sunday to prepare.

Car- Make sure you have a blanket in the trunk, along with a change of warm clothes (Think walking in the snow or pouring rain wearing a dress or suit pants- brrr) Shoes you can walk in the snow or ice in; if you are a bus rider, put those items at work.  A couple bottles of water and maybe a snack.  Something we have in our car is a charger for our phones, Ipad and computer.  Not only if stranded but also if power goes out.

House/Condo/Apt - Deck furniture put away if it might blow into a window or the street. Plants, winterized.
Check your downspout for blockage, then follow the run off pattern to the street and make sure your local drain is uncovered.  If it has a lot of stuff in it, call the city and tell them it might be stopped up.

Indoors- Prepare for power outages. What is your plan for extended power outages if they happen. Do you have a fire place? Generators? (you know to not run them indoors or near air intakes - right)
Friends who might have power?  A list of hotels that take pets nearby?

So even though its not too bad out now, think about the last snow storm (Jan last year for the Northwest) and prepare while it is nice out.

Happy Fall