Sunday, August 24, 2014

The headline says it all

This morning Napa and SF were awakened by an Earthquake, and the headline read
"The Bay Area just got hit with its largest earthquake in 25 years".

So why is that important? I often hear people say things like "Earthquakes happen on a longer schedule, it may not happen in my lifetime".  Excuse me, I would like to point out that twice in 25 years is a pretty short life.  So for those of us in a seismic  area, can we all just change our posture a little and understand that it could happen in our lifetime (pretty sure I have at least 25 more years).

And for the rest of America and the world, Hurricanes, Cyclones, Tornadoes, house fires, forest fires, ice storms, power outages (I know I left some out) don't really have a "geological clock " so you need to prepare too.
So where to start, if you aren't a reader of mine here are some links to posts I have written on planning and preparation.

Northwest Quake - where will you be  
Can you find all your important documents...
and my most recent post   Its about an investment......In your family's well being.

 Don't do everything today, but get started. tick,tick tick.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Its about an investment...

...In your family's well being.

According to the National Priorities Project we have spent somewhere north of $767,000,000,000 on Homeland security since 2001and sadly we really don't know what it has bought us. But this isn't about what we did or did not get, this is about how much have you spent since 2001 (or this year) on making sure your family is ready for The Apocalypse (just kidding). 
But really are you ready for the next storm season? Check here in September for the forecast for this winter.
Do you have an evacuation plan in case there is a forest fire
Do you have water stored? Why store water, that's silly, there is water in my tap. Did you see Toledo's water warnings ?

So look at your local grocery and watch for sales on bottled water and stock up on a couple of cases per person (and don't forget Fido he drinks water too)

Put away a few cans of Dinty Moore beef stew & bags of rice

Get trained in Wilderness First Aid    Usually available through REI.

Take some time this summer and prepare just a few steps. You will be glad you did... when something happens and you have made an investment and are prepared. 

Happy dog Days of August