Friday, June 24, 2011


For the Government Mitigation can be many things, from buying back land to levees and other activities.  For you no levee building!
You do need to be involved in your own mitigation for your disaster risks. And we’ll come back to this from time to time. But for now think how can you lessen your chance of becoming affected by a hazard.
Many of us live in areas of great beauty, and in most cases, that means some sort of hazard.  Do I live in a hazard area? Yes. Seattle is in a seismic area. We have floods, and winter storms.  I do not live in a flood plain (and I live on the 4th floor). I have mitigated what I can for earthquakes- live on solid ground, not too high, things tied down.
Do you live in a seismic area? If yes-
·         Is your heavy furniture bolted to the wall?
·         Catches on cabinets to keep doors closed?
·         No heavy things over your bed?
·         Is your hot water heater strapped to the wall?
Do you live in a flood area? If yes-
·         Is your home raised?
·         If you can’t keep the water out, can you help it pass through quickly?
·         Can you raise your valuables to a higher floor?

Is your hazard notice or no notice? That will make a difference as you move forward. Some things to think about...More to come

Disaster Dave

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