Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today I rode the ferry to South Worth from West Seattle and on the crossing I began to think of preparedness - Now!  I am a big proponent of all of us taking personal responsibility for being prepared.  But is there a time when we shouldn't be prepared?  Do you think the ferry service would be happy if I tried to board with a life vest on? What about trying to get on a plane with my own oxygen and or parachute?
So there are times when we have to depend on the government or a carrier to protect us.  But what is our responsibility?
  1. Make sure we are prepared for interruptions in travel (snowed into an airport) 
  2. We have some way to contact loved ones
  3. Leave an itinerary
  4. Make sure we are using a safe travel carrier
Some things we can't control, so control the things we can

Disaster Dave


  1. Dave, I agree with your assessment to a point. If we travel on an airline, we cannot bring our own parachute, but we would do ourselves a favor to listen to the safety speech every now and then. Even as seasoned travelers, getting too complacent in safety procedures can become an issue should the situation go askew. Inc my vacation last week I rode twice on a ferry. I'm not a stranger to watercraft having lived on a great lake. That said, I made sure I knew where life vests were and mentally practiced putting one on. Most people didn't take any heed of these safety procedures. Self preservation may be stronger in me than others, but it seems people become TOO complacent.

  2. Absolutely, I always take a moment to make sure where the exits are and on a Washington state Ferry where the rescue stations are.
    I n Vancouver we rode their water Ferry to N Vancouver and there is a vest under every seat.