Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where to Start

 In a recent survey 30% of Americans said they hadn't prepared because they expected first responders to save them.  And 38% said they found it hard to get information.

So second one first - really?  There are a lot of websites and training out there to help you prepare.  But I do think that the fact that there is so much that it all becomes "noise".  So what to do? We will dissect that question over the next few weeks.
First question last- Are you kidding! Have you seen your governments (city, county, state) budget in this economy.  There are so few first responders and they will not be answering your phone calls or knocking on your door.
You have to take charge and get yourself ready, whether  for a ______(fill in your hazard) or a strike by grocery workers, truck drivers, gas prices hitting 7 bucks, or a good old snow storm.

I want to dissect the information and help you help yourself.  After all you know who you can count on... you!
Right ?

Disaster Dave

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  1. Agreed. We have a case now where, unlike many years ago, there is almost too much exposure to preparedness. It becomes a crying wolf situation. When the wolf really comes knocking, everybody is complacent to the cries. I'll be curious to read more of your thoughts.