Sunday, June 19, 2011

Start Here

Okay don't get worried, I am not going to ask you to spend 300 bucks on something you may never need; but I am going to suggest (strongly at times) that you take steps toward protecting yourself, your family, pets and employees.

The Emergency Management community things of a disaster in 4 steps:
Mitigation: how can you set yourself up so the disaster will have less impact on you
Preparedness: How will you respond when it happens (hint: if you do some mitigation this step may not be so difficult).
Response: What do you do (culmination of the above two steps) hunker down, help others or run
Recovery: How do you get your life back to "normal" (more on normal later)
 I will try to focus on each of these steps as we discuss hazards.  Why? We need to have a common language as we work through this.  Also if you reach out to Your local emergency management for help and to ask questions, you gain credibility if you speak their language :)

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