Saturday, July 2, 2011

Can you find all your important documents...

 ... while your house is shaking?

Me either! Take a moment to read this short article and come back and answer some questions, I'll wait....//

Imagine you are in that situation, in a hotel or friends home hundreds of miles away watching your neighborhood as the scene of a disaster:

Where is your insurance policy?

Your Insurance agents phone #? Their national office phone #?

Lease or Mortgage information?

Doctors numbers? Prescriptions?

1.    So take a tip from the article, buy some gallon zip locks and put important documents in the bag to protect them.
2.    Or use a thumb drive(password protected) to copy all your documents into and put in your go bag.
3.    Scan the documents and upload to a website. 

In our house, we attacked this problem two ways.

First, we have a file with our passports, checkbooks and some cash. Then in my web-mail account I have a file that has scanned copies of important documents (prove who I am and what I own and what I have insured) along with an extensive list of contacts and website passwords.

GO Kit as it sits in file cabinet
Contents- Passport, CC, Cash, Insurance Policy, Birth Cert,Military 214,etc.
Your turn- pick one start today!

Disaster Dave


  1. I can attest that having access to medical records and online passwords for financial and insurance records is crucial when evacuated out of home and trying to patch things together remotely.

  2. Thanks Mila, I think it's important for those if us in EM to talk about our experiences (good or bad) with a disaster.
    Thank you