Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why having a financial plan is important

Hi everyone,
In light of the multi-part disaster in Japan, read how the government is handing the financial side. 
So lets review, the quake/Tsunami/Nuclear incident happened on March 11, and in answer to "when would you start dealing with claims? " the answer was "I don't think everything will be ready in a month (even if the guidelines are completed in July). You would most naturally expect it to begin in early autumn. We will make the utmost effort to do it as quickly as possible." http://
So the question is if you were in that situation what would you be doing while you waited?
Where would you be living?
How would you be paying your debts? Buying groceries?
So if you haven't finished yet, refer back to the article "Can you find your documents" and do a little bit today

Disaster Dave

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