Monday, July 4, 2011


For many Americans our pets are no longer just hunting or working dogs, they are companions and well... part of the family. But the fact is pets are not allowed in Red Cross shelters, and while some governments and cities have worked to ensure their is a pet shelter available, like everything else in the disaster world you can't depend on that.
So what can you do to make sure your four legged family member is ready? Many of the same things you do for yourself.
  1.  A picture -Of you and your pet together
  2. Does your pet have ID? - are they chipped and/or do they have a collar and license.
  3. A go bag packed? - food, medicine, leash, litter (for cats) , brush, toys...
  4. A plan for where to take your pet if you can't take them with you
  5. A list of hotel chains that allow pets
 There are more great planning tips at the Red Cross
 There will always be situations beyond our control, but we can make sure we exercise some control by preparing our little family members for a disaster.



  1. Just a few thoughts around this topic. It’s also important to make sure your pets keep up on their vaccinations. Many shelters will not take animals that are not current on their shots. Be sure to keep the paperwork showing they are current in your pet to go kit. Also I’d suggest investing in a hard sided pet carrier that gives your pet plenty of room to move around. There could be many situations where you need to keep your pet safe for awhile while you tend to other things. This also gives them somewhere to go and try to rest after being stressed out from the event. Remember to include some non breakable pet dishes and some blankets. Don’t forget to consider your pet when you are storing water for emergencies. They will need it too. I’d also suggest taking a Pet First Aid class. They are offered at the Red Cross and other places as well. During an emergency you may be the only person who is around to help your pet.

  2. Thanks Jennifer all good hints for taking care of our pets in disaster. During Hurricane Ike in Texas I saw people sleep in their cars until the animal shelter got set up and running. It was obvious the ones who were prepared
    disaster dave