Sunday, July 10, 2011


I spend a lot of my time in my job planning for what we would do during a major disaster (for us an Earthquake seems most likely). I used to comment during the planning we have to think about this as if we were casualties of the quake; but this put a damper on the meeting.  So now I just say we are all on vacation when it strikes. :)

Which brings me to our first question- Where will we be when ______ (fill in the disaster) strikes?   

So let us play a game I was introduced to earlier this year.
  1. Take an envelope (or cup, pan, sack) and a sheet of paper and pencil.  Tear or cut the paper into 1-2 inch squares (it doesn’t have to be exact) and for a family of four make sure there are at least four squares, each with one of the following numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. On each. (for a larger group just randomly add the numbers 1-4).
  2. Place all in the container and shake.
  3. Have each person pick a number from the bag, then put the envelope away.  Now if you pulled the number:
a.       1- You are on vacation out of the area.
b.      2- You are in your car on the way home from work
c.       3- You are at work
d.      4- You are at home
    4. Next, imagine a major earthquake hits. 
    5.   After taking that in for a moment, go around the table and whoever drew number one should talk about what they would do in their location.  Then go to the next number drawn, and so on until you are done with #4.  Now allow anyone else to add ideas to the numbers they didn’t pick. No wrong answers!

What you have done is begun your disaster planning and involved the whole family (or office). 

*So let’s be interactive; pick a number and comment in this blog on what you would do; we can learn from each other. Your comments will part of the next page in this string!

Disaster Dave

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