Sunday, July 3, 2011

Neighbors as Responders

Happy 4th of July,
 This is a feel good article that reinforces what I said in the beginning, there aren't enough First Responders (Police & Fire).

The first person to help you (besides family) is going to be a neighbor!  So take a step and meet your neighbors.
How,we are all so busy.

In Seattle (and around the country) August 2nd is National Night Out.  Designed to get you out to meet your neighbors (and the police).
Invite a few neighbors over for drinks and a snack (they might return the favor).
Don't be so self involved in the elevators or at the grocery store (me too, our crackberrys will wait a few minutes) say hi, connect.
In Emergency Management we have a saying "all disasters begin and end locally". For you, locally is your front yard, your neighborhood.


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