Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Ideas in preparedness from New York

 Recently in a New York online magazine I came across this article:

The article is about a small survey of people to see what they thought should be done, some of the ideas are the things we talk about in Emergency Management, but the interesting suggestions to me were the ones YOU can do.
  • Secure out/indoor pulley systems to deliver food, water and medicine to residents living in the top floors of tall buildings in lower Manhattan.
  • Offer emergency training in Russian in Coney Island.
  • Install rainwater harvest systems in Red Hook.
  • Establish bike "brigades" that can deliver supplies to areas where roads have been washed out during and after an emergency. (Portland, Oregon, is already researching how best to incorporate cargo bikes into its disaster preparedness plans.)
  • Distribute solar-powered water heaters after an emergency.
  • Educate youth about extreme weather events and vulnerability.
  • Create "buddy" programs to account for everyone in an apartment building during and after an emergency.
Having a block & Tackle to move things to higher floors is a very good idea for moving water since water weighs in at 8 pounds per gallon.
And of course building unity within your building or neighborhood is a must, so we can check on each other and make sure everyone is okay.

Lets continue to take responsibility and prepare where we can.


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