Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Know Thy Neighbor

It has been awhile since I posted in this blog, I thought maybe I had talked it out; but after the Philippines double disaster (Earthquake followed by a super Typhoon) I started to think more about total disaster.  What would I really do if things were completely destroyed to the point that we could not get a functioning city back in weeks.  

A lot of the stories coming out of the Philippines are about neighbor helping neighbor, it made me think would that happen here?  And then I saw this article and thought "maybe not"  "Seattle is one of the loneliest cities".  

If we won't even talk to each other in the market/bar/public transit, how will you fare in a disaster, having to introduce yourself to your neighbor you have lived next to for years to ask for help.  Do you know if your neighbor(s) have health concerns? In firmed? Have latch key kids? 
Do your neighbors know about you?  
A book that explores that questions is Heat Wave by Eric Klinenberg where he delves into the high rate of deaths in a massive heatwave in Chicago in 1995 that killed over 700 people. Many died alone because they didn't have family or know anyone who would check on them.  A sad story of people alone.  So again I ask do you know your neighbors? Would someone check on you in a heatwave or power outage?

And just one more story Being sociable could save your life in a disaster

Make it a point this holiday season to meet your neighbors (its a great excuse) they may look at you like you want something, but give it a shot, say hi, lend a hand. Don't do nothing, what if your neighbor is a doctor or better yet  prepper.

Happy Holiday
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Disaster Dave

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  1. Important points! All these scenarios are very important and will have a major impact on you successfully surviving a disaster of any type. I'm going to work harder on enhancing my contacts and get closer with my neighbors than I already am. Thanks!