Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Add "talk to humans to your calendar"

(This one is for the EM who read my blog for the non-EM :) )
So I have to say, I am not one for "New Years resolutions- things you promise then forget by the 15th of January." But I am okay with making changes to how I do things to improve my life and work. I love blogs and twitter because it exposes me to lots of new information and ideas in a short time, but...this year I am going to get out from behind my computer more often.  This article lists some very good reasons to make this improvement. why-in-person-socializing-is-a-mandatory-to-do-item

You need a real Third Place - too many distractions at work, ringing phones, people, that screen thing. Get away and talk face to face.

You need to argue your ideas more - While it is easy to send out a document for "comment",having a discussion with peers sharpens and most likely will improve your work.

You’ll do better work - See above.

My goal will be to find a group of EM professionals to meet with quarterly to chat, bat ideas around over lunch, coffee, drinks...
What will you do?

Disaster Dave

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