Friday, January 27, 2012


Good Morning,
 This falls in the preparedness category.  In the past few years we have told people of the importance of placing an ICE contact (In Case of Emergency) in your cell phone.This number keeps EMTs, or the hospital from trying to guess who to call if you are hurt and can't communicate.  Awesome idea, huh!

Now with the advent of Apple Phones and Androids which are much more than just phones, we have started locking our screens. So how does anyone get to your ICE contact?

By using this app ICE Standard - The Emergency Standard Card App for iPhone.  It works great, it shows up on your lock screen, and granted its not as cute as your puppies for wallpaper...but it might save your life. UPDATE now one for BlackBerry  and ANDROID phones.
The android model is being developed, but for all of us who are Apple owners download this (FREE) and set it up on your phone and more importantly, your kids, spouse/partners/ parents phone.
It could save your life; your puppies probably won't even if they are cute!

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