Sunday, January 22, 2012


I just spent a week working in our Public Health Emergency Operations Center.  As my first emergency operation in this sphere I got to hear and try to help lots of people who live their everyday lives with some need to support them:
Electricity for: Breathing, special medical beds, wheel chairs, warmth.
Containerized Oxygen for breathing

And while I am sympathetic and want to help, I am struck by how quickly some of these folks got to the point they were calling for help.  And don't get me wrong that is why we in Emergency Management are there to help; but first... So if you are one of these folks, or a care giver or family member, please start now to do a few things.
  1. Have a list at least three deep of multiple phone numbers and address for resupply of the needed item (medication, Oxygen, etc)
  2. Have your city emergency manager's office phone number on hand- they are there to help
  3. Know where your city's community centers are, even if you never go (a place to get warm and plug into electricity during the day)
  4. Make friends in your neighborhood, often the next block could have power when you don't
  5. Have your local Red Cross phone number available to see if they have disaster shelters open
  6. And of course if its life or death call 911
It is ALL about you...making local connections and building a plan


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