Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Great article showcasing how the government and non profits practice for disasters. When was the last time you practiced with your family for disaster?  Now I am not suggesting you practice climbing out your fourth floor apartment (but how would you get down?)

Do a couple of walk throughs:

  1. How would you get out of the building without lights or power (elevator). Go to your stairwell grab the hand rail and close your eyes and walk down a few steps.  Its a bit scary.  Imagine things in your way too. Solution- know where your flashlights are.
  2. Where would your family meet?  I would get my wife (and Komet) out then go back to help others out of our building. Our condo plan (I wrote it for the association for free) identifies a rally point close by, but out of the way of emergency traffic.
  3. How would you find each other if not together?
    1. Learn to Text and practice
    2. Identify an out of area contact
    3. Set a few places to meet/leave messages
Sounds like a nice evening task before dinner.

If its good enough for the government its good enough for your family

Disaster Dave

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