Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Should have Known

It is amazing to me that  after 10 years of preparedness folks telling us what to do, people still do the wrong things.  Today we can watch the weather approach on our computers or phones and yet here is an article by a presumably intelligent person who did the wrong things.  Well she actually didn't do anything.
She supposes that she has too much information to make a decision.   But is she, like a lot of Americans just depending on someone else to "help them"?  If so then we will always be waiting on someone to come, when it may be too late.
Not me and I hope not you.  Remember "Only the strong will survive".  And that strength is preparedness, for whatever is coming, not sitting in your living room waiting on help that may be too late.

PS: Her Dad and the family got lucky.

Disaster Dave

Planning or not for the next disaster

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