Friday, December 19, 2014

The 7 rules for protecting your valuables BEFORE disaster strikes

 This is not an endorsement of the 
company that authored
Flood Damaged home in Serbia
the article at the link below, but an endorsement of doing some serious planning for the loss of your home.  I know no one likes to think their home may burn down but they do. In 2013 the NFPA documented 1,240,000 house fires. Or that a quake or other natural disaster may make your home uninhabitable.

Document your goods
I can remember in the 70's inventorying my household goods before they were shipped to Europe, it was boring, and a hard slog. Writing down serial numbers, colors, etc.

But today all you need is your smart phone and a note pad.
So this holiday season make it a fun opportunity, grab a loved one, a glass of eggnog, your smart phone and go on a hunt to document your valuables.  Focus on Art work, collections, Jewelry, electronics. (Don't forget to take a picture of any notes you made- serial numbers, Cost, etc.) Snap away, then upload to a website (Yahoo, MSN, DropBox) something that will survive if your house doesn't.  I wrote back in 2011 about using the web to store valuable documents, and the same goes for pictures of your valuables. You can review it here and another one here.  I either own the internet or think its a good idea :)

So here is the article, get started.
The 7 rules for protecting your valuables BEFORE disaster strikes

Happy Holidays


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