Friday, August 19, 2011


Twice in my career I have deployed to disasters outside my area for the American Red Cross and among all the feelings and emotions of serving a community in need is one that came back to me when I read this
I remember after the first week feeling sore and by the second week feeling bloated and over fed. Dining on a disaster scene is not exactly a meal for your health, its a meal (often very good) high in calories and something quick.
So think about that as you prepare for disaster in your home, your office and with your family.  If the worst happens, it will be like nothing you have experienced. Lots of stress, lots of unfamiliar food, sleeping arrangements and feelings.
 So take the time now make it part of your preparation! Exercise! As we used to do in the Army, build your upper body for carrying a pack.  Build your leg muscles to walk long distances. Build your ability to persevere.
If the worst happens, it will be while before you can jump on the tread mill.

Disaster Dave

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