Saturday, August 27, 2011


Out at dinner this week we were talking with a EM friend and mentioned go kits, I proudly said we were pretty set. My wife gently reminded me that it had been some time since I had updated my password file for her.  She is right (she always is), I had let this slip, while I may not change my passwords as frequently as I should I do change them.  And in this world of online, if anything ever happened to me i want to make sure she can access all the important things. Like:
  • Any savings accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Insurance(house,car,life)
  • My retired military account
  • my Blog and email accounts
So now of course how do we save them without making them easy targets for someone other than us.
I place the passwords in an Excel sheet and turn on the password protection.  Then I only have to remember ONE password and it protects the others.  Then I email it to her(of course I tell her the password) and she puts it in a folder in an online email account. So now its protected by two different passwords, and available from anywhere in the world should she ever need it.

Got my check mark for the day, and you?


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