Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparedness & CNN

I have been watching the storm track on all the channels, flipping channels like a junkie.  And while I must admit I am taken in by the "storm porn" on CNN and other channels.  I also want to give Kudos to those channels for elevating the conversation around both preparedness and using social media in a disaster, they have followed the new message. 
Those of us in EM have seen the change in message/conversation coming since Craig Fugate took over the reigns at FEMA.  He made two interesting changes, one internal and one external. 
The second (external), he changed the conversation from the public being dependent to being a partner. FEMA is not a rescue machine; we as the public need to take charge of the aspects of a disaster we can which releases FEMA and the other responders to do the things we can't.
So now we have seen a spring of tornadoes and floods, and a fall of quakes and a hurricane where we don't expect them.
Its time for those of us in the public to become the partner we are and get prepared. For what? for everything!  Its called self reliance.
Take 15 minutes from whatever you are doing this weekend (watching "storm porn" like me) and do one step of preparedness.
I'll blog about my step later today


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