Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Resilient SF

In a recent post by the Emergency Manager of San Fransisco, he listed out his beliefs of which I pretty much agree.
People are more prepared than they think- Do you typically keep food in your cabinet beyond this weeks menu? Are you a camper? Backpacker? Fisherman or hunter? If yes  then you are on the way.
Strong Communities are strong after a disaster- I have talked about knowing your neighbors, its important.  Reach out and meet them. 
Relationships are the key to everything - Know your local shop-keep (they might sell to you for cash when the power is out, your local repairman, police officer, pharmacist. It is easier to ask for a favor or help if you know someone
the only people that can drive change are people themselves -  if you want to be more resilient its up to you. No federal programs available, look around your community, are there things that would make it more resilient? Look at your neighborhood level first and work out from there.

It is up to you

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