Sunday, October 9, 2011

Building a Resilient Organizational Culture at Home

Dr Everly is someone I am familiar with, he instructs at FEMA courses and is a thought leader in disaster stress, while this article is about corporate culture, there is much to take from it for the individual.  I want to focus on one of his thoughts for you to consider:  people learn while observing others.
Have we as individuals learned anything form watching the events of the last year, with major quakes in Haiti, New Zealand and Japan?  Have we made ourselves any more resilient? 
Well a recent (2009) survey by FEMA and the Citizen Corps shows that 57% of people surveyed have supplies set aside for a disaster! That means only 43% have not done anything.  Okay that means we are moving to a positive # of people ready.
42% said they would need help to evacuate or move to a shelter and 61% said they expected Police & Fire to help in the first 72 hours. 
Some positive some negative from the survey.  But one thing stands out; if 57% have supplies why do 61% say they expect the first responders to be there?  Maybe part of the 57% don't have faith in their supplies?  FEMA/Citizen Corps Survey

There are some interesting findings for those of us in Emergency Management and for those of us who will be waiting on the first responders who may not be at your door after a disaster.

Check your supplies
Disaster Dave

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