Sunday, October 23, 2011

Three Deep-updated

Yesterday I was talking with a friend/coworker about the windstorm in 06 here in the northwest (10's of thousands without power for days in 30 degree weather).  She was talking about where she and her husband got dry ice to protect the food in her freezer, and someone else at the table said "Fred Meyers has dry ice too." My friend said "yes but they have a big sign and will be out in no time."
This made me think about one of the planning assumptions we used at the Red Cross and that was "All suppliers should be three deep."
You too should be Three Deep for your supplies in a disaster. I got a couple of responses to this so am updating to make it clear you should have three suppliers for each category.
  • Where do you get your propane for cooking outdoors
  • Dry Ice for your freezer?
  • Gas for your car? 
  • Places to fill your subscriptions?
  • Hotels that allow pets?
  • Emergency care?
  • Veterinarian?
Consider looking in a circle of a couple of miles around you for suppliers who offer the above services.  
So your task today while you are watching your favorite football team win/lose is to search the Internet and find three deep in these areas and others that are important to you.
This is a list that will not only serve you in a disaster, but is also useful in everyday life.

Start Searching
Disaster Dave

Thanks for the inspiration Fran

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