Sunday, October 9, 2011

Escape Muscles II

Here in Seattle we are getting ready to watch the Viaduct begin to be taken down.  While this is great because it is a danger in a quake, it will cause traffic problems.  So a few weeks ago I talked about escape muscles.  And I am working on them, but these escape muscles are to escape the city.
If it snows, its a 6 mile walk home, better than sitting on a bus overnight
During the viaduct take down the commute home will be terrible as cars and my bus snake through the city.  So I am taking the water taxi across the bay to West Seattle and walking two miles home.  To prepare my "escape muscles" I have been walking/running (mostly walking) 6 miles on Sundays and the 2 miles from the West Seattle Ferry dock at least twice per week.
What are you doing to prepare for your "escape"?
This is a great FREE application I am using

Disaster Dave

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