Friday, October 28, 2011


I work in a preparedness section for Public Health and our manager periodically calls a meeting and hands out a scenario with multiple problems and has us talk through what we have in the way of being prepared for the scripted disaster.  All in a very low stress way.  He knows we spend a lot of time worrying about other people, and he wants to make sure we focus on our families.  Pretty cool.
Well this week he had one of those sessions and the subject of having a land-line phone in the house came up.
The reason to have one is simple. If you have an old fashion phone that plugs into the wall with out plugging into the power it will probably work when the power goes out and cell towers are down.  When the phone company runs that line into your house it carries its own power to run the phone.
When we went around the table it seemed that fewer than half of our section had land-line phones

A survey released in June by the FCC shows that 51% of Americans aged 25-29 do not own a land-line phone, I am sure the numbers for my age group are lower, but all are increasing as cells and Internet phones get more powerful.

So whats my point? Before you cut off that lifeline consider going to the cheapest plan and keeping it, it might be worth it for that one call for help during a moment when cells are down.

Something to think about
Disaster Dave

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