Friday, November 25, 2011

Do we have a culture of survival in America?

I watched an online story of survival of one region of Japan during the Tsunami, and it made me really stop and think. (If you have the time, please watch the film; it has many points that will help you) Do we have a culture of survival?
A recent story of people at a concert in Indiana who watched a storm approach and did not leave suggests maybe not.
As pointed out in the film, in Japan, their sense of family is so strong; families die together because they are so worried they put their lives and their family’s lives in danger.  However, in one region the schools taught a different way of surviving a Tsunami called “Tendenko”.  A code that says the highest order is to think for yourself and survive so you can help.
If we do not survive who will care of our family members? Who will help them recover and move forward?
Do you have a muster point for your family to meet at after a disaster? Do you have a secondary? Do you have a communications plan? If the phones do not work, what is the next communications method? If that doesn’t work, then what?
·         Plan for each member of your family to know the plan
·         Plan for each member of your family to think for themselves and make decisions
·         Plan a communications method that doesn’t depend on your current phone
·         Plan to meet somewhere (you do it when you go to the mall J)
·         Plan for a second meeting place
Plan to survive!

Disaster Dave

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I think your points and suggestions are 100% on target. Sadly my experience is much of the same as yours.

    My view is that we plan and hope for the best rather than planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

    Dan Linehan
    AKA Sgt. Nostradamus