Saturday, November 12, 2011

Winterize now

In Seattle we have been blessed with a week of 50-60 degree days this week, and thoughts of winter were far away; until last night. Dark clouds, wind and sleet fell in West Seattle right at rush hour.  This heralds that winter in the northwest has arrived. Which begs the question is your car ready for winter?
Now I am lucky that during a winter storm even in the worst circumstances I could walk home from work in a couple of hours , but my wife is another story, often she is as far away as 40 miles from home. And in the Northwest that might as well be 1,000 miles during snow. So we make sure she is prepared for anything
 Things you need in your car to take care of you:
Extra clothes( jeans, sweatshirt or fleece, socks)
First Aid kit
Flares or reflector triangles
Shoes to walk in the snow in (high heels not so much)
Charger for your phone
Small shovel like an entrenching tool to move snow (beats using your hands) 
Snacks/bottled water
Cash (keep it in an envelope in the spare tire well)
Friends phone numbers who may live near your route of travel (beats sleeping in your car)
A couple gallon bags of sand or cat litter (to help you gain traction)

Did I forget anything?
Disaster Dave


  1. Great list, Dave.
    I'd also recommend plastic bags (multiple uses), duct tape, tire chains, insulated leather gloves (if you have to put chains on), toilet paper, a basic tool kit, and pencil and paper (to take notes or leave a note if you have to abandon the vehicle). And, of the ideas we don't want to think about: a plastic bottle or ziploc bag to void into if you're stuck on the bridge with nowhere to go for 8 hours (yes, it has happened).


  2. You just did add to the list Doug. Thanks for speaking up.
    Disaster Dave