Sunday, November 20, 2011

Technology marches on!

Recently I was issued a new cell phone at work and after learning the basics, I just began using it. One feature I have learned and used over the years is texting. I have answered a few texts on the new glass phone and during the Emergency Managers Conference I was attending, I turned on the phone to send a text and man was I stumped; where was it?
So I did what any 50 year old would do I found a 20 something and had them help me find the text program (buried with 100 other program preloaded on my phone.  I put it on my “desktop” and now I can text.
The lesson, getting a new phone every couple of years, old habits don’t transfer to the new phone; take the time to find the program and test it.
While we are on the subject…texting that is; learning to text, during a disaster it will get through when a phone might not.

Disaster Dave

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